GData is a privately owned German Security Company with many renowned enterprise customers world wide. GData is recognized being the first ever developed Antivirus for gaming platform since 28 years and continued contributing to the security world ever since.

GData has its own developed Antivirus search engine beside a licensed one and it is pioneer in developing proactive technologies that allows both engines to work in parallel without affecting machine’s performance, this technology patented by GData is called “ClosedGap Active Hybrid”.

GData has a very high proactive detection rate proven by independent testing organizations which makes it one of the few vendors that were successful with this technology.

Single User Products:

  • GData Antivirus
  • GData Internet Security
  • GData Total Protection
  • GData for Android
  • GData for MAC OS
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Enterprise Grade Products:

  • GData Antivirus Business
  • GData Client Security Business
  • GData End Point Protection Business
  • GData Mail Server Security
  • GData Client Backup
  • GData Patch Management