Web Protection

Our Solution includes an optional web proxy that provides for secure management of web traffic, using standards-compliant proxy technology.

The proxy increases security and control by isolating web clients from the Internet. In addition, the following functionality is available:

  • Support for “transparent” and “specified” proxy modes
  • Detection of viruses, worms and Trojans from HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 sources based on multi-layered, multi-engine Anti-Maleware
  • Internet acceleration by caching of Internet content (to reduce bandwidth usage and increase speed)
  • Application detection and monitoring
  • Inspection of application traffic
  • Web 2.0 advanced protection
  • SSL inspection
  • Application inventory & vulnerability assessment (NVM)
  • authentication of client access to the web
  • logging and statistical traffic analysis
  • access control lists to manage web traffic at the proxy level
  • policy control of web access
  • URL categorization and content filtering policy enforcement
  • Policy control of IM and P2P traffic over HTTP and HTTPS (CONNECT)
  • anti-virus scanning of HTTP traffic
  • anti-virus scanning of ftp:// URLs embedded in the HTTP protocol (the HTTP-FTP bridge).

Security Triggers web proxy provides an extremely flexible and highly configurable system for enforcing a defined web-traffic policy. The use of caching and anti-virus “tickling” technology saves Internet bandwidth and provides an enhanced browsing experience for the users. Full management reporting and configuration control is provided as part of the system.

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